What are magnet programs?

CCSD magnet programs offer learning opportunities related to various themes for interested students. Students from across the district may apply to a magnet program regardless of the region in which they reside, however, transportation will only be provided to students living within the designated transportation boundary for the magnet program. The purpose of magnet programs are to improve student achievement, promote diversity, and create an awareness of career opportunities relative to the fields of study in which students may be interested.

What grade levels are served?

Magnet programs are offered at grades K through 12, with some exceptions. Most secondary magnet programs only accept 9th and 10th grade students because they have programs of study in which a student must participate for a minimum of three years. International Baccalaureate programs occasionally accept students at 11th grade because the program of study requires a minimum of two years participation. Performing Arts programs at Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts and Las Vegas Academy of the Arts occasionally audition 11th and 12th grade students.
Students do not have to reapply annually. Therefore, the majority of seats are allocated to the entry grade levels (K, 6th, and 9th). Seats may open up in other grade levels if current students decide to leave at the end of the school year.

Who can attend a magnet school?

Any student currently residing or planning to reside in Clark County may submit an application to attend a magnet school of their choice. Entry is criteria and interest-based. Students must meet minimum eligibility requirements in order to be considered in the lottery process for STEM-based high school programs. Students must meet audition criteria in order to be considered in the lottery process for performing and visual arts high school programs. If they qualify, are accepted, and choose to enroll, students must attend the magnet school full-time and remain enrolled for the entire school year. Students are not permitted to attend a magnet school part-time to take individual classes.


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