In the Spring of each year, a list of all schools with available seats for the coming school year will be posted at under the Open Enrollment link. On the It’s Your Choice! page scroll down to Open Enrollment Website and select the Open Enrollment App. As seats are allocated there will be fewer seats than shown.  Additionally, a list of schools with seats available will be found by accessing the Open Enrollment Interest Form.

Only schools that are 3 percent or more below capacity after a seat is held for each zoned student are eligible for Open Enrollment. The number of available seats vary from school to school and for each grade level.

Schools that are at or above their capacity will not participate in Open Enrollment.  Class size should not be impacted by Open Enrollment as schools will only participate based on the number of open seats after a thorough review of their building capacity and projected student enrollment.

Additionally, Career and Technical Academies, Magnet and Select programs will not participate in Open Enrollment. You may apply for these programs at Career and Technical Academies (CTAs) and Magnet schools accept applications between October and January. Select schools will also accept applications between October and January, while Open Enrollment accepts applications between mid-April and mid-July for the upcoming school year.

Students selected to attend magnet programs/schools go through a different selection process, and should be notified by mid-March. Parents/Guardians should not apply for Open Enrollment until the notification of acceptance into a CTA/Magnet/Select school has been received. If the student is not accepted into the CTA/Magnet/Select School, Open Enrollment is still an option.

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to go to schools’ websites and review school growth model data, Accountability Reports and other program information. Search for school contact information and websites by visiting and select the Schools Tab.