Is transportation provided for my child if they attend an Open Enrollment school?
No, CCSD transportation will not be provided for students attending school on Open Enrollment.

If my child is selected to attend an Open Enrollment school, does he/she have to attend?
Yes, once the child(ren) enrolls through Open Enrollment, the family is committed to remain at that school for at least one school year.

Can my child re-apply to another school in the following year?
Yes. Students/families may submit an application for a different school during the next year’s application process.

My child was selected to attend a school with Open Enrollment, are his/her siblings also allowed to attend?
No, each individual student must submit an Open Enrollment Interest Form to be considered for enrollment.

Are students allowed to participate in sports and/or other school activities at Open Enrollment schools? Yes. A student who enrolls in an Open Enrollment or Select School is eligible to participate in student athletics.  If a student returns to his/her zoned school or makes any other subsequent changes in enrollment, he/she would be ineligible for the remainder of that school year and for 180 school days in any sport in which his/her name appeared on a NIAA (Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association) roster during his/her attendance at the school.

My child receives special education services, is he/she eligible for Open Enrollment?
Yes, students with disabilities are eligible for Open Enrollment where space and required programs are available.

If my child is selected to attend an Open Enrollment elementary school, is he/she automatically zoned for that neighborhood’s corresponding middle and high schools? No, the child is only eligible to attend the elementary school through grade 5. Beyond 5th grade, the parent/guardian would need to submit another Open Enrollment Interest Form to attend the feeder middle school, if seats are available.

If my child is currently attending a school on a zone variance, do I need to continue to apply for a zone variance or submit an Open Enrollment Interest Form? The zone variance is approved year to year by the school’s administration. If seats are available at your child’s school, it is strongly suggested that you submit an Open Enrollment Interest Form which, if approved, is valid until the child completes his/her last year at that school. If the school does not have seats available through Open Enrollment, you will need to apply for a zone variance for the next school year.

Can my child attend an Open Enrollment school but graduate from his/her zoned school high school?
No, your child will only be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony at the high school he/she is attending.

How will class size be impacted by Open Enrollment?
Class size should not be impacted by Open Enrollment as schools will only participate based on the number of open seats after a thorough review of their building capacity and projected student enrollment.

Can I choose my child’s teachers or classroom?
No, however, parents/guardians are always encouraged to visit with their children’s school personnel to make them aware of their children’s educational needs.

My child is enrolled in the English Language Learner program, is he/she eligible to apply for Open Enrollment?

Will my zoned school be over- or under-populated?
No, Open Enrollment is not expected to cause a neighborhood school to become over- or under-populated. As with any of our schools, unanticipated growth in a neighborhood can contribute to a school’s enrollment going beyond projections.

Who can I contact for more information about Open Enrollment?
Questions regarding Open Enrollment may be sent by email to or call the Demographics, Zoning and GIS Department at 702-799-6430.