2017-2018 Applications available Spring 2017

CCSD has a strong belief that when students and their parents/guardians have choices with regard to the selection of a school, they will be more engaged and ultimately students will be more successful. While the vast majority of CCSD families are satisfied with their neighborhood schools, some families believe that a different school may more readily match the needs of their child(ren).

Open Enrollment provides parents of CCSD students with another choice. Schools with available seats will be advertised for the purpose of allowing parents/guardians of students who do not reside in the attendance zones to express interest in enrolling their child(ren) there. However, Transportation is not provided for students selected to attend schools through CCSD’s Open Enrollment.

In April of each year, a list of all schools with the number of available seats for the coming school year will be posted. The Open Enrollment Interest Forms will be active from mid-April until mid-July, before the start of the new school year. Public computers, with Internet access, are provided at all CCSD schools and at public libraries throughout the community.

Once the application has been submitted and processed, the parent/guardian will receive a reply at the email address provided. If the application is valid, the parents/guardian will receive an acceptance letter. Open Enrollment will be granted on a first come, first served basis; therefore they must register the child(ren) at the school as soon as possible in order to secure their enrollment. Once a school has enrolled the allotted number of Open Enrollment seats, the school will no longer accept Open Enrollment applications.

Questions regarding open enrollment may also be sent to OpenEnroll@interact.ccsd.net or call 702-799-6430.